Reading heaven

I’m so lucky to have spent a wonderful summer cruising around the Greek Islands.

Aerial shot of Nocturne anchored in Ithaca

I’m also lucky to have had plenty of time to work away at my ‘to be read’ collection on my kindle. For me, there’s nothing better than a glorious day sailing coupled with a perfect book.

Kindle and Cosmo

If you’d like to know more about what I’ve been reading you can see everything on my goodreads page. I’d love to make new friends on goodreads so feel free to add me. As Sandy Toes and Writer Woes matures I intend to start writing some reviews of the books that have really made an impression on me.

That will all have to wait for now though… I’m itching to get back to my latest book’s world!

2 thoughts on “Reading heaven

  1. What gorgeous scenery Louise…I would never want to leave a place so lovely…..I’d probably forget to read the book & just stare for hours at the blue water, hahaha…


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