A Refugee

I hope you’re comfortable,
As you sit, in the safety of your home.
I hope you’ll never really understand my situation,
Desperate and alone.

I walk with thousands,
Yet I’m unseen.

I hope you’re happy,
As you tuck your children into bed.
I hope your child is never frightened,
Like mine is, as we push on ahead.

We search for safety,
Yet we’re not seen.

I hope you realise how lucky you are,
Your country isn’t perfect, but they so seldom are.
I hope to have the chance one day,
To build a new life and heal my scars.

I am adrift now,
Homeless, unseen.

I hope as you watch the news,
You see past the propaganda and lies.
I hope you can see me,
An individual who’s lost all my ties.

Positive, hopeful,
Seen…as a problem.


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