New Year…New Hopes, New Motivation!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I love the festive period. In the past month I’ve over indulged in food, wine, giving presents, receiving presents and I’m very thankful to be in a position to be able to do so. I’ve loved all of it however, there’s something really satisfying about stopping all the excesses and starting afresh on the first of January. Although statistically most New Year’s resolutions fail, I still make a couple and I’m optimistic about being able to keep at least one this year because I’m feeling very motivated and inspired!

I’m going to tell you my resolutions in a hope that you’ll keep me accountable!

1. I’m starting my Masters in Professional Writing this month and I will aim to write uninterrupted for two hours every day. I WILL write for at least one full hour everyday. Bailey’s blog will continue daily and this new personal blog will be updated frequently.

2. I will drink more water, generally try to eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise at least three times a week. (Obviously this wont start until next week, since I still have lots of delicious treats from Christmas calling my name every time I go into the galley!)

Last year had some absolutely amazing highs and a couple of awful lows and like most people, I’m hoping that 2016 will be filled with a majority of highs. As I look forward today I literally have no idea where I’ll be at the end of 2016 because we are due to move in a few months time. This is a little scary but also very exciting. 2016 is going to be a big adventure!


I wish you all health and happiness! I hope it’s your best year yet.

Have you made any new year’s resolutions?

6 thoughts on “New Year…New Hopes, New Motivation!

    1. Well I hope I can stick to them… I’m aiming for two with a minimum of one in a hope that if I schedule it into my day, after one hour I’ll be so engrossed in what I’m working on that I won’t even notice. I just need to learn to time manage more effectively! Good luck with your writing too!


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