Officially a student again!

Well, last night I started an MA in Professional Writing and I’m now officially a student again!

I’m very excited about the course and also a little nervous, but butterflies are a good thing…right? There’s already lots of reading to be done, but luckily the first tasks haven’t flummoxed me, so far!

I’m a world class procrastinator, so I’m trying to be mindful of actually getting the reading and tasks done. However, today I’ve also managed to revamp my small office space, write down all of the important course dates and deadlines in my Filofax and try and find my fellow students on social media!


The above photo is an old one taken from Bailey’s blog when we first created the ‘office’. The microwave is now gone and it’s been replaced with books! I love my boat office!

Thinking about it, I best get back to start actually doing the required tasks for the first week of the course. The next two years are going to be busy but luckily I thoroughly enjoy being a student!

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