Getting into a writing routine

I think I’m finally getting myself organised and getting into a bit of a routine. I use ‘routine’ loosely since it doesn’t really feature in our lives aboard Nocturne, but I’m writing consistently, everyday. I’m finally following Bailey Boat Cat’s example!

The last few months have been quite busy with travelling to Vietnam and Dubai (blogs about our travels to follow) and starting my Masters. We’re also right in the middle of moving and have had a few unexpected set backs along the way. Getting the gas connected in Italy isn’t a simple endeavour.

I’m very happy to have written and submitted my first portfolio for the Introduction to Narrative module. I found the module very interesting and it’s been great experimenting with different narrative forms.

Intro to Narrative Portfolio

I’m very excited to be off to the London Book Fair next month. If any of you reading this are also going, please let me know, I’d love to connect.

3 thoughts on “Getting into a writing routine

  1. Your professional writing course sounds quite interesting. So, which narrative form you like best – first person, third person, or a mix of first person and third person? Or, does that come later?

    Hello to Bailey Cat. 🙂


    1. Hi David, Sorry I’ve taken soo long to reply! We’ve actually been looking into this in great detail and to be honest I still haven’t decided fully which narrative style I prefer. I think it depends on the story and what you’re trying to achieve. 🙂


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