One week today we’re bringing a puppy home!

I’m so excited I think I might burst! This time next week we will have just brought April Blue, our new Border Collie puppy, home and she’ll be running around the house.

April Blue 5 weeks old

I can’t wait!

I’m a little bit nervous about how Bailey will react, but he’s met dogs in the past and he’s very playful, so fingers crossed they will get along soon. He might be a little bit upset that he has to start sharing toys though!

Bailey Blue

We are due back on the boat in a couple of weeks and we thought long and hard about it with a puppy in tow. Ultimately we are sailors and liveaboards and April will be a boat dog too. Bailey was 10 months old when he was introduced to the boat and luckily he took to it well. April will be 9-10 weeks old when she first hops aboard Nocturne. She’ll have her crate which will be her safe place and we will introduce her to everything very slowly like we did with Bailey. We won’t be travelling far with her whilst she’s tiny, but hopefully if everything goes well we can perhaps visit Ponza. It’s one of our favourite islands and it’s only about a half day’s sail away. I’m happy that April will get a taste of life afloat at an early age. Hopefully she’ll enjoy it and get her sea legs.

It’s going to be a wonderful summer season!

2 thoughts on “One week today we’re bringing a puppy home!

  1. She is a cutie. I am sure things will go well being that you are starting her so young with Bailey and the Nocturne.


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