Blog to Book Series (Part 5) – The Book Cover

One of the most exciting moments in the whole of the Blog to Book journey was when I first saw the cover. I’d been asked to provide a choice of full body shots of Bailey. The designer could then choose an image to use for the cover. I was told that the designer would likely cut out Bailey and position the various photos of him standing, sitting or climbing and potentially he might even be walking across the title typography!

I was extremely excited but also quite nervous. I was worrying about what I could do if I didn’t like what the designer came up with.

The team were keen to get the cover artwork ideas flowing quickly so they could use the cover for any marketing and publicity for the book. I agonised over which photos to include and chose a selection of my favourite photos of Bailey to put into our shared dropbox file.

I needn’t have worried, because when I first saw the cover, I fell in love with it immediately!

The image above shows the final cover. The first cover I saw was identical, except for the tagline. To begin with, we had used the original tagline from Bailey Boat Cat’s blog which was The Adventures of a Maritime Moggy. After several discussions with the sales and marketing teams however, we realised that ‘moggy’ wasn’t really suitable for the American market. (Moggy just means cat for any American friends reading!) So after brainstorming, we decided on the new tagline, The Adventures of a Feline Afloat. I love the fact that the cover really captures Bailey’s personality and looks, in my opinion, ‘pawesome’!

I also loved the back of the cover. After seeing the full cover in its entirety, the reality of the book actually being published finally hit me!

Bailey Boat Cat full cover
Join me next Wednesday for the next instalment of the ten part Blog to Book Series where I’ll talk about the next thing that I had no idea was involved in publishing a book…the BLAD.

Wishing you all Sandy Toes and fantastic ideas.

Lou x

5 thoughts on “Blog to Book Series (Part 5) – The Book Cover

  1. Loved today’s post and the process outlined in the selection of the book cover. You have a good team helping you out on this. Excellent choices were made. I am so intrigued and am planning to go back and read the other posts on this series. I’m in the process of generating a Facebook page on my Cavalier spaniel, my muse, and the character in my own children’s book. So Bailey’s blog is inspirational and motivational.

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  2. I agree about ‘Maritime Moggy’….it does not resonate with us over in North America.
    Plus many would not know what ‘maritime’ meant either. And for us here a ‘moggy’ is a non-pedigree cat. So that would not have fit Bailey at all….
    Now “The Adventures of a Feline Afloat” just rolls of the tongue & gives Bailey the class he deserves! And you are right about the cover…..Bailey is coming out of the life preserver & looks so 3-D….
    I can hardly wait for the next installment!
    Happy sailing my friend…..
    Sherri-Ellen ❤

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