Acciaroli, the secret to a long and healthy life?

Last August, I had the pleasure of staying in the gorgeous hamlet of Acciaroli for a week. The place has a sleepy charm during the day and a vibrant community spirit that comes alive as the sun goes down. This week, Acciaroli has been making headline news around the world because of its large concentration of centenarians. One in ten residents is over the age of one-hundred! The press in the U.K., America and Australia have all covered this quaint and unusual place.

Personally, I think the articles and the scientific discoveries are fascinating. I found the residents of Acciaroli to be warm and friendly. I stayed there for a week on my own and was welcomed to several dinners and apperitivos. The Mediterranean diet and laid back lifestyle is doing wonders not only for the age of the locals but also their health. I loved the cheap and healthy food that I ate there daily.

I’ve always believed that being by the water is good for the soul and set along the beautiful Italian coastline, Acciaroli is popular with tourists in the summer. I was at home on my boat Nocturne, tied up to the harbour wall where the local harbour staff checked in on me daily and made sure I was happy and safe. Most of their ‘working’ day involved sitting in the shade chatting to visitors and each other and occasionally helping with the boats arriving and leaving. They certainly weren’t stressed or in any kind of hurry to leave work, with many of them staying well past their contracted hours just to enjoy each other’s company.

I was actually in Acciaroli when I decided on this blog’s name so the place is not only great for longevity but also for stimulating creativity! I loved my time in Acciaroli and I hope to return there one day. I’d highly recommend it as a holiday destination.

Wishing you all Sandy Toes and a long healthy life!

Lou x

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