Blog to Book (Part 8) – Advance Copies

Even though I’d seen the BLAD and of course the final proofs in a PDF format, the book still didn’t feel 100% real until I received the advance copies through the post. I knew what size the book would be, the number of pages and what the cover would look like, but I still really struggled to imagine it as a REAL book!

When the postman arrived with the parcel from Bloomsbury, he must have thought I was a lunatic, smiling and waiting for him! I was still living in Nice at the time and my mum happened to be visiting, which was lovely. It really added to the excitement of seeing the book for the first time, because I had both Bailey and another human to celebrate with!


We celebrated with cat treats and prosecco!


Of course the advance copies were also sent out to be reviewed by fellow bloggers and magazines too, which all helped towards the book promotion.

Please join me next Wednesday for part 9 in the Blog to Book Series where I’ll discuss the actual book launch! If you’d like to read the series from the beginning you can read part 1 here.

Wishing you all Sandy Toes and cold Prosecco!

Lou x

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