Six months have flown by!

I’m amazed at how quickly the last six months have flown by! On the 1st of April our muddy litter monster was born and we moved off our sailboat in Rome into a house by Lago Maggiore near Milan. Today marks six months since then.


It’s been a very busy six months and so much has changed, but it’s been a great adventure. We were both very upset and reluctant to move back onto land, (the move was dictated by my partner’s work commitments) but we used the opportunity to get our energetic puppy, April, and get her house trained and well adjusted.

After a month on land we took the plunge and decided we needed wanted a boat to get us out on the water here in Lago Maggiore. We found a great pre-loved motorboat that we’ve spent half of our summer on and the other half we’ve been travelling back to our boat in Rome. We’ve also found a new local favourite here on the lake where we can get takeaway delicious pasta dishes for 6 euros (around 6.75 dollars) and then float around the lake watching the sunset over the Alps.


Although I still really miss living on our sailboat, Nocturne, I can’t lie… I LOVE having my home office to work in! It’s so wonderful to have my own creative space where I can shut myself away and read and write. I feel so thankful for it every time I walk in.


I’m looking forward to getting lots of my old books back out of storage, they’re currently in the loft at my parents house. I’m also looking forward to the next six months now and I wonder how much everything will have changed again by then! April will definitely be much bigger but will probably still be muddy!

Wishing you all Sandy Toes,

Lou x

10 thoughts on “Six months have flown by!

    1. Aww thank you Beverly. I’m happy you enjoy my musings. 😃 I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend x


    1. I’ve tried John but she’s outsmarted me several times already! She’s stubborn and what you would call a ‘character’! 😂😊

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      1. She knows it! Little monkey tries to wrap us all around her paw! Bailey is having none of it though! He’s the boss!

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  1. I really like your writing, Lou :o) I bet you can’t wait for your new family member “Blue” – just read it in Baileys blog! Such a sweet dog (as well as April of course) and I’m so glad you’ll adopt him and give him a chance to live a happy life ! By the way, do you know “” ? They sell -among other things – “Sandy Toes” – articles (cusions for example)…I thought it would fit you :o)

    Take care,
    Diana (Odin’s)


  2. Hi Lou!
    It looks like you didn’t get my comment yesterday….anyway, just wanted to say, how much I enjoy reading your stories and congratulations to “Blue” – read about it on Bailey’s page 🙂 Lucky him, you all have such a big heart and give him a chance!

    By the way, do you know the on-line shop They sell (among other lovely things) “Sandy Toes” – stuff, like pillows for exampel….just thought it would fit you ;o)


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