New Name, New Domain and most importantly a New Home!

We’ve been extremely busy these past few months!

James and I got married on the 18th of July 2018 and we were both blown away by the love and magnitude of the day. I must admit I wasn’t sure what would change after seven years of being together, but our wedding day was 100% the best day of my life and we were so honoured that so many of our friends and family travelled from all over the world to share our special day! I’m surprised by how different it actually feels to be married…in a wonderful way. I’ll do a post dedicated to our wedding soon when I get our ‘official’ photographs back, but here’s a taster…


The weekend after we got married we jetted off to Valencia to conduct a boat survey on an Amel Super Maramu 2000. I’m absolutely delighted to announce that everything went well and we have purchased our dream boat and new marital home! We are both over the moon and so excited to get back to life afloat after our short interlude of landlubber life. We are going to rename our beautiful new-to-us boat SV Titanium and I will explain more about our decision on the new boat name and our upcoming renaming ceremony very soon.

You might have also noticed, not only am I now Mrs Timony, but we have a new domain name! I used ‘Sandy Toes and Writer Woes’ previously as a temporary name so I had a corner of the internet to publish the Blog to Book posts as part of my MA coursework, but although it served a purpose at the time the name didn’t really ever gel with me. Our new domain name reflects what we’re all about… sailing and exploring in our new home Titanium!

The blog will follow our adventures as liveaboards and life afloat as well as my writing, our furry crew members and our lives in general. As some of you will already know, this year I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and although my illness does not define who I am, unfortunately, it is a huge part of my life at the moment. I will share my thoughts and feelings on having an invisible and quite frankly sh*tty illness to hopefully inspire others who are struggling in silence to realise that you can still live your best life with a chronic illness. 🙂

I’m so excited to share our new adventures with you all here.

Love Lou x

7 thoughts on “New Name, New Domain and most importantly a New Home!

  1. Dear Lou, The new boat goes perfectly with the new marriage. What a gorgeous photo of you and James. Titanium looks fabulous as well. When will you all set sail again and what will be home base? I am following with happiness Dexter’s progress. He truly is a fighter. My best friend fought Crohn’s Disease, and I know what you are facing. With your positive attitude, you will do well. All the gang (including the newest member, Sawyer) send lots of furry purrs to their brofur, Bailey. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness, Janet


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And may you have a fabulous life!

    IMHO you chose a very auspicious/special day for your wedding. (it’s also my daughter’s birthday & she’s had a great life).


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