Blog to Book Series (Part 2) – The Proposal

Even though I was contacted by the publisher asking if I’d be interested in turning the Bailey Boat Cat blog into a book, I still had to prepare a proposal that the editor could present to the sales team. I had no idea what I was doing or what was expected for a proposal, and of course no agent to guide me, so I was … Continue reading Blog to Book Series (Part 2) – The Proposal

Blog to Book Series (Part 1) – My first big mistake!

When I first started the Bailey Boat Cat blog, I’d just finished my degree with the Open University and I was excited about having more time to write. I really wanted to blog about our life afloat, but the blogosphere was saturated with other sailing blogs and we weren’t doing anything that exciting to make us stand out from the crowd. I spent weeks wondering … Continue reading Blog to Book Series (Part 1) – My first big mistake!

Are you an aspiring writer?

Do you dream of writing whilst you struggle to put pen to paper? When you type characters, words and phrases, do they swim around incomprehensibly on the screen? I’m guessing the answer is no. I reckon that if you’re reading this, the chances are, that you can actually write. You might not be a bestselling author or shortlisted for any prizes, you might even be … Continue reading Are you an aspiring writer?

Getting into a writing routine

I think I’m finally getting myself organised and getting into a bit of a routine. I use ‘routine’ loosely since it doesn’t really feature in our lives aboard Nocturne, but I’m writing consistently, everyday. I’m finally following Bailey Boat Cat’s example! The last few months have been quite busy with travelling to Vietnam and Dubai (blogs about our travels to follow) and starting my Masters. … Continue reading Getting into a writing routine

Officially a student again!

Well, last night I started an MA in Professional Writing and I’m now officially a student again! I’m very excited about the course and also a little nervous, but butterflies are a good thing…right? There’s already lots of reading to be done, but luckily the first tasks haven’t flummoxed me, so far! I’m a world class procrastinator, so I’m trying to be mindful of actually … Continue reading Officially a student again!

A Refugee

I hope you’re comfortable, As you sit, in the safety of your home. I hope you’ll never really understand my situation, Desperate and alone. I walk with thousands, Yet I’m unseen. I hope you’re happy, As you tuck your children into bed. I hope your child is never frightened, Like mine is, as we push on ahead. We search for safety, Yet we’re not seen. … Continue reading A Refugee