Who are we?

Ahoy there!

We’re the Timony’s and we live aboard our Amel Super Maramu 2000 Titanium.

I’m Lou, the main writer of the blog, a Cornish girl who loves animals, travelling and to be beside the sea. Some of you might already know me thanks to our world famous fur-ball Bailey Boat Cat.

I was born and grew up in beautiful Cornwall in the South West of the UK. My love of the sea comes from growing up along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. I used to be a flight-attendant and I studied for my degree in Modern Languages whilst I flew and lived all over Europe. I also trained to teach English as a foreign language. I have a Master’s in Professional Writing and I’m currently working on my next book whilst teaching English.

I met my hubby, James, after stumbling upon his boat one evening in 2011… We tell very different accounts about the details — he maintains I trespassed! We started off living together aboard our beloved Tayana 37 Nocturne, in Rome, enjoying years of Italian cruising and a summer in Greece. We’re currently based in Spain in our new-to-us boat Titanium, but our dream is to throw off the bow lines and set off around the world in our home sometime in the next few years.

James is a commercial airline pilot, epoxy mad and always happiest ‘messing’ around on boats. He was born in Ireland and grew up in Australia and he’s always the first to invite new friends aboard to share food and salty tales. I lovingly named James ‘Peter Pan’ because he’s quite literally never given up on adventure and I’m so lucky that I now realise this means our life will never be boring! He begrudgingly allowed Bailey (our Siamese) aboard and has been horrified every time our furry-family has multiplied ever-since!

Bailey is the most famous Titanium crew member. His straight talking, no-nonsense approach has led him to be recognised and respected by sea-safety groups and sailors alike.

April is potentially the most intelligent member of crew aboard. She knows the names of all of her toys and will do anything for a ball.

Blue is from the same litter as April and was born ‘Extra-Special’ with wonky legs. He is the most kind-hearted soul and life-sized teddy-bear any boat could wish for. He welcomes anyone with food aboard with open paws.

Annabelle is our ‘fur-baby’ she’s tiny but mighty. She’s the best alarm system that any marina or even ocean could have! She’s fearless and her 2.2 kg pack quite the personality punch!

If you’d like to stay up to date with our adventures and upcoming projects please sign up to get occasional email updates. We love meeting and talking to people from all around the world and would really love to hear from you.

Wishing you fair winds, whisker wisdom and of course sandy toes!

The Titanium crew!

8 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Hi Lou, I’m glad you found my blog. I, too, lived on my yacht (with hubby and cat) for a few years. We called the Whitsundays in Australia home. I’ve completed my Phd in the Creative Arts and I published The Miner’s Wife as a result (he was hubby no. 2:)). I’m now continuing my adventures with my caravan, kids, dogs and cats, which makes me a tad landlocked. Look forward to sharing your adventures, both the writing and sailing kind. Cheers…Mel


    1. Wow! How exciting Mel! Sounds like you’re very busy with amazing adventures! Here’s to an adventurous 2016! 🙂


  2. Louise,

    I love that you were able to make so many courageous moves in life and be such an adventurous woman! That is an amazing quality to have.


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  3. Hi Lou! I probably shared some of my adventure stories with you when we worked together and now I’m reading your wonderful tales. I too had boats, cats and dogs in my life and have made it as a published author, it’s a great road to take. It makes me so happy that you are out there doing these lovely things, and doing them so well may I add! I wish you every success and will follow your story with great interest.
    Sandie x

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  4. Saw some of your comments on Stephanie’s blog and came over for a look see as the Blog to Book thing interests me. ANd now I find you’re a boatie! We had a ferrocement boat in our backyard for over 20 years while it was being constructed. She’s now in the water – for hubby and others to enjoy. I get sea sick! She’s a graceful lady called Finnally – if you’re interested there’s some stories about her on my blog. She has her own category. Construction story is called Boat in the Backyard 🙂
    Enjoy your travels – sounds magical !

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    1. Wow! Sounds like a great project! Boats really are a labour of love! I will head over to your blog and check it out thank you 😃

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