How Kilimanjaro changed me…

Ten years ago yesterday I stood at the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, and one of the world’s seven summits, Kilimanjaro. The experience changed my life forever. I’ll never forget the smirks and laughter when, at the age of eighteen, I announced I intended to do the challenge to my friends and family. Very few people really believed I would do it. (To all of … Continue reading How Kilimanjaro changed me…

Hemingway’s House – Key West

I’m currently reading Earnest Hemingway’s On Writing which is a book compiled of Hemingway’s comments and observations on writing throughout his life and career. I’m throughly enjoying it and I think it’s a great book that I’ll dip in and out of again. Its next to my new Bonsai tree which I’m in love with. I’ve wanted a Bonsai for ages but until this week, … Continue reading Hemingway’s House – Key West

Acciaroli, the secret to a long and healthy life?

Last August, I had the pleasure of staying in the gorgeous hamlet of Acciaroli for a week. The place has a sleepy charm during the day and a vibrant community spirit that comes alive as the sun goes down. This week, Acciaroli has been making headline news around the world because of its large concentration of centenarians. One in ten residents is over the age … Continue reading Acciaroli, the secret to a long and healthy life?

Ten years of travelling – Top ten destinations!

I love to travel! Travelling feeds creativity and broadens the mind. I left my home in Cornwall ten years ago… Since then I’ve lived in Bristol, Paris, Nice, near Rome on a sailboat and now I live by the lakes near Milan. I worked as a flight attendant for eight years travelling all around Europe and I’ve been lucky to travel to some other wonderful … Continue reading Ten years of travelling – Top ten destinations!