Bookshelf Beauty – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Other Stories

I’m a real sucker for pretty books. Not only do I love reading but I also appreciate beautiful books both old and new. In this new series, Bookshelf Beauties, I’m going to highlight some of my beautiful books and why I love them so much.

To start with I had no choice but to share this stunning Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Other Stories. I love it!

Alice in Wonderland
Firstly the bright pink cover really appeals to my girly nature and the foil gold on the cover, spine and even the edge of the pages makes it feel so luxurious. It has a ribbon book mark attached and it’s a great quality book. The actual pages are quite thin, but since it’s such a big collection and already quite heavy, I think that the pages work really well. There are also really cute illustrations throughout the book.

Alice and the cheshire cat
I’ve always loved Alice and her adventures but I’d never read any of Lewis Carroll’s other works and it’s been fun delving into them. The collection also includes some of Carroll’s word games which are fascinating. I’m not a big fan of the introduction which questions Carroll’s motives and moralities but others might find the discussion interesting I suppose. I still have lots of the other stories left to read but this book is such a pleasure to pick up and read I’m looking forward to continuing them. Due to its weight I would advise against giving this version to children, but it would make a wonderful gift for Alice and Carroll fans, or even just collectors of beautiful books.

Alice and coffee
Wishing you Sandy Toes and Bookshelf Beauties,

Lou x

5 thoughts on “Bookshelf Beauty – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Other Stories

  1. Have you seen ‘The Annotated Alice?’ It’s a version of AIW with many footnotes and explanations of idioms and period-specific humor and references. It’s a wonderful way to read the story.

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